Cute Bento

This is technically only Japanese-inspired, since it was made by what appears to be an American woman, but it's typical Japanese stay-at-home-mom style lunch box or bento. There's a whole slew of cookbooks in all of the book stores that show you how to make your kid's lunch look way cuter and therefore cooler (because in Japan, cute definitely equals cool) than any other kid's. The most common I've seen are popular cartoon characters such as Anpanman (a bread superhero) or Hello Kitty. This one I stumbled across is definitely the prettiest and most intricate. I hope I have the energy to be such a cool mom when I have kids of my own.

Here's the photo album where I got this: Wacky Food Art Time.


Anonymous said...

Very 'cool' idea, I don't know if Tanner would go for that...I used to use cookie cutters on his sandwiches and food dye to make faces...he told me he liked lunchables more :(
I may try this route with veggies (just sneaking them into his food is not working).LOL!
Good luck with the move!

Tracey and Tanner

dean said...

I know what Tracey is getting for Christmas.....