How to use Skype

Click here to download Skype for free.

Install following the on-screen instructions.

Once Skype is opened add us by clicking "Add a Contact," which looks like +. Then search for one of us. When the name comes up click it, then click "Add contact."

To make a call just double click a name, or click the name then click the big green phone button.
To end a call click the big red phone button.
To start your video camera click the blue button with the video camera silhouette.


dean said...

Hi kids, sounds like the training was a bit much but now that you've had some free time things are looking up. I've been at the Baxter Bulliten in Mt. Home Ark looking over there computers and servers. Not much going on in Mt. Home. I would like to see some nice high res pics if that's possible. Talk to you guys later.
Love Dad :)

dean said...

Oh yeah, can you add a forum?